Production Buoyancy

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Offshore Magazine, September 2016

Buoyancy for Subsea Oil Production and Gas Production

Safety and efficiency are a focal point of your subsea oil production and gas production. Our focus is helping you enhance production safely with quality innovative subsea buoyancy products proven to deliver reliable performance.

As one of the largest manufacturers of subsea buoyancy products in the world, we have decades of experience in the innovative design, engineering, testing and production of these vital components to offer distinct advantages.  

  • Our specialty materials with reduced-density provide more buoyancy in a small package which offers a significant boost in efficiency.
  • Our products are flexible and agile enough to mold into all forms and service various subsea levels.
  • An extensive R&D team can provide comprehensive, customized design solutions for your unique challenges.
  • As your single-source supplier, our engineers can develop the system you need, source the materials, manufacture the product and test its performance-all to reduce your development time.

Finding the right buoyancy product for your application and determining the most cost-effective approach is no easy task. Let our experienced team work with you to provide the best product or custom solution.

  • Riser towers
  • Mid-water arches
  • Deepwater buoys
  • Distributed buoyancy
  • Flowline buoyancy
  • Buckle mitigation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does AFGlobal manufacture buoyancy with strakes?
  • Why is an internal clamp used to attach buoyancy modules?

Did You Know?

Our industry-qualified epoxy based FPR® insulation material can handle 30 years of hot/wet conditions of up to 356°F (180°C) temperatures and 5000 psi hydrostatic pressure.